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MY MISSION is to revolutionise the way Women support and provide for themselves and their families.  Ideal for Women in their late thirties and beyond who are no longer happy with where they are and are ready for change, but need support to let go of the fear by removing the barrier from within so that they can re-connect with their authenticity and potential to naturally bring impact and meaning to others in their network/community.  My services are all about bring out your natural gifts, abilities and talents, use challenges as sources of life lessons learnt wisdom and leverage them in a way that allows Women to ultimately build a life that is based on who they truly are, to forge a long-lasting life of freedom, fulfilment and Joy! 

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Signature Programme



+ how you can create and automate Your Online Service & set up an automated REFERRAL PROGRAMME so other People can be rewarded for sharing Your Service with others using a

simple ALL-IN-ONE TOOL with a Free plan option - ideal for Business start-ups 

If you prefer 1 on 1 personalised support, this is for You  if you are An Impact-Driven, Naturally Influential & Heartfelt Female, in your late 30's and beyond, and feel ready for change.  You desire to create a long-lasting legacy leveraging what you're here to CONTRIBUTE  so you can be influential and impactful with the people within your community or network.  


For 3 - 4 months, Amy  personally supports you by providing information and insights in the form of blueprints and personlised audios, to help you to bring all these elements together so you can create a unique 'WAY OF WORKING' that feels aligned and authentic to you


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Help me create a movement to Initiate, Shape and Empower a revolutionary way for Women to create positive impact  so they can move towards a future built on how they wish their life to be based on their unique Creative Contribution Vision with Clarity and Direction, to magnetize a life with more joy, Freedom and a long-lasting sense of Fulfilment.

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Do you identify as an Impact-Driven, Warm-Hearted, Influential & Empowering Woman?


Coach, Guide, Advisor, Consultant, Teacher, Manager and Influencer?


A Natural Influential Networker?

Team up with me on my Visionary quest to share with

Impact-Driven Women, a revolutionary and innovative way to not give up on their VISION but rather to pursue and give life to their CONTRIBUTION WITH PURPOSE to be of Service by mapping it all into an actionable Roadmap, by using a simple and systematic process leveraging the powerful insights and breakthroughs experienced with HUMAN DESIGN and GENE KEYS.

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