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Create a Long
Lasting Legacy
with what your here to Contribute and share through



Available as: -


  1. Virtual Group online Sessions (between 3 to 6 people per group)

  2. Done-With-You 1 on 1 Bespoke Sessions with Amy


Both options provide Mentoring and Guidance to help you bring Clarity, Focus & Direction to  MAP OUT a strategic ROADMAP to bring your what you're here to CONTRIBUTE to life with actionable and aligned steps

Online Tutoring

You have the desire to contribute to those within your community, to bring fulfilment, freedom and joy not only for yourself but also to benefit others. 


In this safe space, you'll receive tailor-made Sessions with support, direction and clarity before taking action steps to create your own unique way to be CONTRIBUTE through discovering all your unique gifts, talents, future potential and future direction, which are all found in your HUMAN DESIGN and GENE KEY makeup! 

Fear, limiting beliefs, and past experiences all contribute to keeping us in the hesitation or confusion phase.

I support you in Paving the Path so you can take that big leap of faith to transition into taking the next level step to map out your Contribution. We take what is still relevant from your past experience and bring innovation to take you into the future.


This begins with the process of leveraging your natural skills, strengths, and attributes together with my concept of innovative Future thinking planning, that will get the ball rolling in a way that feels comfortable and achievable for you!

For 3 - 4 months, I will personally support YOU 1 on 1 or within a Group setting,  during your journey by discovering: -

  • What naturally motivates and drives you 

  • Your Vision based on Life Purpose and what keeps you healthy and happy

  • Look into what your Vocation is that is directly linked to 'How You're Here to Serve'

  • Current beliefs and values

  • Leverage and unleash your natural gifts, talents and key strengths

  • How you naturally & uniquely Vibe

  • How you best communicate

  • Your Future Direction that feels correct, fulfilling and aligned

  • Set up a simple All-in-One Automated Sales System for your Online Business with an Automated Affiliate Referral Programme which you can harness so other people can share your Business with their network (only available in the 1 on 1 Bespoke Programme)

What to Expect

We first identity, what aspects are within you that when put together creates an overall theme that introduces you to understanding yourself at a deeper layer - This is then mapped against what is showing in your HUMAN DESIGN & GENE KEY chart and from there will formulate a ROADMAP to bring your desire into reality 

Support, Guidance, Advice +  my ability to interprete  HUMAN DESIGN and GENE KEY Charts.   Life-changing Insights and information will be revealed to you include leveraging your innate gifts, skills, strengths and core talent to ensure that you're aligned with what you feel called to bring into the world

We then tie this in with what the aspects of your FUTURE DIRECTION hold, which generally occurs as from 38 years onwards.

By the end of the programmes, you will have clarity and understanding of how you can create and build a 'WAY OF WORKING' that feels aligned, authentic and above all or

Programme Features

GROUP Programme Delivery

  1.  During Zoom Video calls, we use the 5 Step framework based on my Contribution Clarity Self-Study DIY Programme, and together within a Virtual Group setting, I provide insights and resources on how to better understand yourself through my support & on demand resources.  (Re-plays are available)

  2. Between Tuesday to Thursday every week for the duration of the programme, you can ask any questions via a private Group TELEGRAM  Voice Messaging Chat 

1 on 1 Bespoke Sessions Programme Delivery


  1. My 1 on 1  consists of me personally putting together weekly Bespoke & Tailor-made Blueprint Reports based on your HUMAN DESIGN and the GENE KEYS, that follows the framework of my CONTRIBUTION CLARITY Self-Study course

  2. All personalised information and insights provided will be uploaded to your own Private Audio Channel, that will be available on a FREE APP . This will allow you to listen to the Audios as you would on a Free Podcast app.  (no requirement to sign in to a portal everytime you wish to access them)

  3. You will also get Insights into how PROSPERITY flows to you based on the PROSPERITY SEQUENCE found in the GENE KEYS.  It's with these Blueprint reports that breakthroughs and transformations will be experienced, that will unleash and piece together all the elements that will enlighten your sense of knowing, clarity and direction with your way to Serve.

  4. I show how you can share your CONTRIBUTION online with an All-in-One simple tool that automates and systematises your Business so you can start to share with your network + set up an Automated Affiliate Referral Programme

  5. Communication is done via TELEGRAM  Voice Messaging available from Tuesday to Thursday (you choose one day that best suits you to ask any questions based on the Audios provided for that week) or if you prefer via a 30 to 45 minute Video Zoom call (dependent on Time Zone

AUD $1111.00 (with option for 3 part payment)


If this sounds interesting, please CONTACT ME for more information or clarity or if you want to apply, please fill in form below : 

AUD $2222.00 (with option for 3 & 6 part payment)


If this sounds interesting, please CONTACT ME for more information or clarity or if you want to apply, please fill in form below : 

To ensure that I'm the right fit for you and that I can provide the support you're looking for,  please fill in the application form below 

Alternatively, if you prefer the CONTRIBUTION CLARITY DIY Self-Study Course then you can check it out by clicking on  button below

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