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Are you ready to finally turn the feeling of emptiness into ecstasy!

This book is your sign that you're ready to experience personal transformation.


You know you have so much more within you, to be expressed, to give and to experience, yet you remain safe in your comfort zone and go through the mundane daily motions of life. Suppressing who you truly are and what you're authentically here to DO and BE. You are oblivious to the Powerful Potential present within you!


In this book, Amy shares her own experience, of how she struggled with feeling like a lost soul and having no idea what direction to take. But also understanding the reason for this negative experience, was being out of alignment, not being authentically true to herself and not recognising where her natural gifts and talents were. Amy, uses the power of easy to understand transformational words of wisdom to lead you on your own personal transformational self awakening journey to balance and alignment


Living out of alignment with your own energies and your true self, are where struggles, frustration and lack of joy occurs.


This book goes through where we may experience these struggles and how this influences and impacts our daily life.


Simple to understand content, Journal prompts and contemplative questions help you to become aware of being out of alignment. Together with positive Affirmations that will help to re-programme healthy and positive patterns that’ll bring you back into alignment so you can have the confidence to fully express living in a version of yourself that feels naturally happy, authentic, fulfilled, present and free.


This book will reveal: -

  • How powerful your sense of Self Love is to the direction your life takes
  • How your own emotions play a vital role in what you attract into your life
  • How you can develop full Self trust in yourself and your decision making
  • How uplevelling your own sense of self worth increases your capacity to move forward and grow
  • How you can feel self empowered in spite of the negative self beliefs you may hold around your own abilities


Elevate your Energetic Essence e-Book

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