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5 Signs that indicate you may be out of alignment in your career or business

I know how frustrating and how stressful it gets when you're in a job that you hate and you eventually experience burn out.

Yet you continue to wake up every morning, dreading the day ahead, being in an environment that leaves you feeling unhappy, lifeless and soul drained.

The reality of life is you spend most of your living day at work. So the stresses of a bad day, tends to spread into the evening, with the family.

The family also suffers indirectly from the same feelings of dissatisfaction & frustration.

What's that quote :

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

What is real is burn out comes from constantly pushing and doing something that’s out of alignment with your true self and goes against your natural flow of energies.

My own experience with burnout

When I learnt how far off I was, in relation to my natural gifts and talents and with better understanding on how to leverage my own energies vis-a-vis others, has been truly life changing for me and for my family.

I was totally oblivious to my own natural gifts and talents and could never look for that one business that felt natural and aligned to my true nature.

My constant pushing in a direction that felt off, really took a toll on me mentally.

So, like many of you, I too have been there and I've experienced that and it's taken me decades to figure all that out. But there are ways that you can discover what would feel aligned to you. And if you struggle to understand the concept of ALIGNMENT... I like to look at it as simply

'Being in a state or doing something that feels so natural and effortless'.

In other words just

Simple and Natural in how you are and what you do!

Where you may experience being out of alignment

If you struggle with understanding yourself and your natural gifts, but have a deep passion for something in particular, you most likely feel stuck into whether this passion, can be turned into a part time or full time money making business.

So you get into your head and you try all the things, you listen to what others tell you what you think you should do, even though they don't have a clue of what's really going on inside.

Google search or checking what others do on social media becomes the only source of inspiration and ideas into what else is out there, what else can you do to make money and bring in more aligned abundance to help you and support your family.

Here are some key indications of where you may be out of alignment with your business or career:-

  1. You tend to put yourself down, you lack self worth, and have no faith in your own abilities

  2. You don't recognise your natural talent, and struggle with the prospect of doing something other than your current job, as it's the safe and easy option to choose.

  3. You tend to get caught up in what society imposes on you. Following the crowd is the safest option

  4. You look for answers from other people that have no experience or knowledge themselves in where your true passion lies.

  5. You spend time looking for alternative possibilities, by googling ideas, for that quick rich money making business, or a job that has to be better than your current role

When you do the things that lights you up, this in turn, leverages your natural skills, talents and abilities, which allows abundance and prosperity (side note - does not just mean solely monetary rewards + also feelings of deep satisfaction, fulfilment and peace from within) to enter into your life with more ease and flow because you're not forcing against your will or yourself , instead you're:-

  1. Being your true authentic self, accepting both the high and low aspects of your energies and personality. To feel free to be your authentic self, gives you the permission to try new things that feel aligned to your unique self only and not try to copy somebody else.

  2. Unleash your powerful potential by releasing the idea that you don't have any natural gifts, but instead dive deeper into discovering where your gifts and talents are, and then research into how you can leverage them in your career or business.

  3. We each have our own unique path to follow, which changes as we evolve and grow. What can create chaos, or disrupt your own journey is following the crowd, or copying others, because you're following somebody else's path, and not your own.

  4. Learn to trust your Inner authority (inner guidance) and stop listening to the advice of people who have never tried to do what your soul desire is here to do

  5. Once you've discovered your natural gifts and talents, you can search on google or social media to see what others are doing, in the same field of interest. Get inspired and collect ideas, that feel aligned. Only then follow your inner guidance/intuition to guide you to the best option or solution.

My moto in life is :


I figured this out in the last few years... and I'm so thankful that I have, because I'd still be on the hamster wheel today, searching for that one thing that feels aligned and fuels my soul.

How I better manage the impact of Stress

In the past I really struggled with handling not only my own stress, but the stress of others. In Human Design I have a lot of open energy centres which, when this energy is not healthy, I just amplify my own experience of a stressful situation or problem with theirs, but now, with what I know and how I've experienced personal growth and inner transformations, I'm able to better deal with stress , because I know how to keep things simple, and have learnt how to slow down.

STRESS RELIEF TIP: One thing that has helped me is to not let other people's stress become my stress! And not feel I have to find solutions to fix everything. Instead, I now adopt a more compassionate approach towards them and provide support or guidance, if applicable. If not I know now to just step away from the situation & then practice deep breathing exercises to slow down my nervous system.

But remember as we're all human beings, this is a continuous practice that gets easier with time.

This has allowed me to be more present as a supportive Mum and wife and still feel safe to fully live in my potential.

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret the years of experimenting because as a 3/5 Splenic Projector (My Human Design profile type), this is what I was meant to experience, to get where I am today! I always joke, that I've graduated from the University of Life (-:

Not from a real university. If you already know your Human Design Profile number, as a 3/5 you'll totally understand what I'm getting at here (-: I have a lot of 3/5 profiles in my own family, and I can see how they are currently living, or for those, much further in their life, had to experiment a lot to gain the necessary experience.

Trials and errors = experience and wisdom

Passion is power

My passion has led me to create my own online business, which is to

Mentor people to discover their unique authentic self and find out

what they're here to contribute in this lifetime through their mastery.

So how I do this, is I share with you what your natural gifts and talents are that you can leverage in order to create a life that is fulfilling

and happy and joyful for you. But it all starts with you feeling worthy and aligned to these energies.

A lot of people make money doing what they don't like to do and in an environment that is not conducive to their own natural energies, so no wonder they feel uncomfortable and unhappy when they enter their work environment.

That's just the wrong way to go about it. I mean it's what society has imposed on us but it doesn't have to be that way and I've lived through that and understand how backward this concept it.

I've worked in admin for more than 22 years and yes I have a good skill set in terms of process systems improvement, organisation skills, problem solving, system process efficiency, I can see where corrections can be made both behavioural and practical standpoints and inspire people to see outside the box, by providing alternatives to old way of doing

things. .

But it's not as fulfilling for me as being of service, to better the lives of others, so they too can experience positive transformation and enlightenment for themselves.

If you truly want to bring in an income or additional income, but in a more purposeful way, then I can help you with that because I've been through the trenches, I've done it. I've tried everything.

I cannot stress how frustrating it gets, when I see people doing the things that they shouldn't be doing or they can do so much better. But I also enjoy observing those who are living and leveraging their natural skills and gifts, and the fact that they're satisfied with what they're doing and prospering from it. It's even more apparent when it aligns with what's in their Human design Gene Key chart... that just proves to me how revelatory and life changing gaining such key insights can be!

If this aspect of Self discovery and growth has peaked your interest, then this is where I come in. What has helped me concretise my knowing is adding the teachings and learnings from 2 amazing tools or systems called - Human Design and also the Gene Keys.

This has helped reinforce how I support clients with the exact natural gifts that lies

in their DNA and the potential that they have to use these gifts and natural talents in

in a way that is purposeful and create abundance and prosperity that feels aligned and flows with ease.

You don't have to keep on searching

So if you're in that trap where you're still Googling trying to look for easy money making methods, or just resort to remaining in a job that makes you feel unhappy and stressed.

There is a basic solution, I can offer you right now, which can give you bit more clarity into other options that may be available to you!

And my aim for you is not to waste time because everything that you have is within you, your energies, your personality, your natural gifts and talents are all mapped out in your human design and gene keys charts.

The recognition of my own natural gifts and talents, made me realise that what I was actually doing in my past experiments, experience and past business endeavours, I was

using the skills that I have, but I didn't realize that they were skills that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Sometimes, you already have an idea of what you're good at, but you just can't see how you can use it in a more uplifting way. And this is where human design has just changed my world because I can see my gifts now, I recognize where they are and even the unconscious gifts that I'm not aware of, but other people can sense from me. I know all that now and it has helped me to see this in others as well

  • So how I help is to bring out your highest potential, see where your skills and actual gifts and skillsets.

  • I can look in your chart and if there's a skill that you recognise, is there, then you know it's something that you can use for your own business maybe, or your own next job career move change.

  • Whatever it is, you can use it in a much more meaningful and aligned way.

Remember, working in a job or business that feels aligned will be like playing every day it won't feel like work and that's how everybody should be living in their everyday lives when they're working.

Not everybody is meant to be a business owner, but whatever you do, should feel aligned

and you should be happy doing what you do.

I'm here to support in my own small unique way with my Q&A Shoutout

I can give you a little heads up into what your core natural vocation or your key talent is.

I will create a personalized audio which you will receive in your email inbox. So all you've got to do is just answer a few questions by filling in an online form so I can run your human design chart & Gene Keys chart, and from what you're experiencing and hoping to achieve, I match this with how your potential is showing up in your chart

Your core gift is the secret source to where your prosperity lies, whether it's in your business or career.

Honestly, this little nudge in the right direction, can be like your permission to truly move into what you have real passion for. No more wasting time!

Never give up on your dream. It's in you for a reason.

If there is anything in particular you would like me to expand more on, please comment below

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