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Harmony in the Home

Understand your Child and yourself as a Parent through the lense of a Personalised                                      AUDIO Reading

Human design

I help Mums to acquire a deeper understanding of their children as a Parent so that they can better nurture and connect with their children in order to create more balance and harmony in the home

Human Design Connection Chart Readings and Interpretations reveal interesting insights into the Relationship dynamics between parent and child.


All are based on energetic dynamics and personality traits which brings awareness into how parent to child relations may play out currently and ways to improve nurturing and communication.

Being a parent can be the most blissful job in the world, but also comes with it's challenges.

From my own experience as a Mum, how we understand our children and how we act as a parent can be very confusing as we tend to be bombarded with information overload on ideal ways to nuture our children, which aren't always effective, because it doesn't take into consideration the uniqueness of each individual, both as a parent and a child.

HUMAN DESIGN is an amazing tool, that goes deep into the energetic dynamics and personality aspects of both child and parent.   

My own experience of being a parent, and how I struggled with stress, especially the first 2 years being a first time parent, to now having a much deeper  understanding and connection with my child.


It's in this capacity that I can better support his unique and individual needs, has alleviated so much of the stress and misunderstandings that occur, simply because we don't understand or know how to manage and leverage each others energetics.

This audio provides a simpler understanding of the dynamics of your child & yourself as a parent based on the dynamics of Energetics & Personality using the HUMAN DESIGN SYSTEM.

Experience better flow in Communication & Reaction by getting an overall understanding of both your energies when you're both in the same room based on your aura types.

This personalised Audio Reading will give you basic insights into the: -


  • Unique Energetic archetype and how vital it is to understand how to leverage this in an empowering rather than destructive way

  • Improve communication

  • What aspects of you both thrive and jive together and where other aspects you may clash

  • How each of your physical energy naturally plays out when it comes to activities

  • Basics to sleep time

  • How your child best learns and  absorbs information

  • How discipline energy shows up in the home

  • Including a PDF Summary Report of Reading

Send me a message to confirm availability prior to booking your HD Parent to Child Relationship Reading

The relief that is experienced, with being open to receive alternative and  insightful information about yourself and your child, gives meaning and permission into why certain situations continuously play out!  

Once you're consciously aware of  the pattern, it then makes it easier to look into alternative methods or solutions to better improve HARMONY WITHIN THE HOME

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