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Info on 1 on 1 Voice Messaging Mentorship
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You have a deep Desire to Do More, Be Influential & Impactful!

For Mums and Women in the Workforce who are in their late 30's and beyond 


Elevate and grow into the Influential Role Model person, you're here to be in your community whether it's with your kids, Family, Friends, Co-workers and Network. 
Master the art of Slowing down and Re-connecting with Your True Self. Begin to feel aligned and free to self express with ease. 

Feel confident to allow that one passion or business idea to break free from the inner depths and bring it into life, so it can be the source of your  Fulfilment, Joy and Achievement for you!   
The Framework: -
6  months of personal Self-Discovery, Growth and Transformation. Practical and Simple actions steps,  Prompts and Support that you experience within this online Hybrid Mentorship spaceto gain personal life-changing Insights.  Trust your judgement from the self-discovery revelations, that best relate to where you're currently at and how to best integrate this into your life now!
Do You Experience any of the following ?:
  • Feel you're not truly living your passion, or leveraging your innate natural gifts and talents effectively ?  
 ✔️ Discover & Unleash Your hidden Natural Gifts, Talents & Strengths
  • Feel constantly stressed obsessing over specific situations or just overly obsessing over matters that do not concern you anymore  
 ✔️ Look into the Art of Slowing down & introducing Simplification        methods 
  • Feel held back through fear to step into your fullest potential?
  ✔️ Recognise limiting beliefs & key struggles and turn them into lessons    learned and positive gifts
  • Desire to leverage your voice to communicate people in an influential and impactful way ?
  ✔️Authentically & effortlessly Self express & communicate your Voice, Values and Leadership
  • Lack Motivation?
 ✔️ What is Your Key Motivating Drive in life & ways to express this daily
  • In need of a change but afraid to take the leap of faith because you feel held back whether it be in your personal or professional life!
 ✔️ What makes you Radiate Health and Vitality & connect this with your core desire
  • Desire to transition but feel stuck into what Direction to take --
 ✔️ Gain Clarity into a Direction that feels aligned and fulfilling
  • A deep desire to step into you true creative passion or business idea, but feel self-conscious of what people may think or the judgements that may arise 
 ✔️ Look into bringing your Passion or business idea out, that will enable    you to feel fulfilment and  Success based on your transformation & acknowledgement of your unique gifts
  • BONUS - Look into your Future Direction
A Safe online Space where you will experience a practical Simple Self-Study Programme combined with the support of Amy's Mentoring.   
Throughout the 6 months, you will experience amazing Self-discovery insights, Implementation and Action taking.  Integrated  with access to Amy to answer your questions and support you as you go through the Mentorship 
  • Combination of Self-Paced Study Cirriculum and Personalised Group Mentorship
  • Audio, Video  and Downloadable PDF Resources 
  • Every 2nd Week Zoom video call to answer Your questions with Amy or opt for Mentorship via Messaging (using Telegram App) twice a week access (The method of mentorship is totally up to you)
  • Monday to Friday - Telegram Group Community Access 


    BONUS : -
  1. Insights into your Future Direction 
  2. Two FREE -1 on 1 Video Calls at the end of the 6 Month Mentorship with Amy for clarity relating to implementation of your Passion or Business Idea in conjunction with Future Direction insights!
The systems and tools I use to dive deep into the energetics of your Authentic Self are Human Design and the Gene Keys
Combined with your own personal experience these systems, provide powerful and insightful aspects that will take you on a beautiful personal journey into self-discovery and authentic awareness of key aspects of your Unique Self. 
Being oblivious to your innate potential is what this mentorship will bring all out into the open, for only you to re-connect and align with so that you can step into being that Influential Role Model person, that you know you can be!
At the end of this 6 month Mentorship, you'll be able to implement and truly step into a life that will feel less stressful and more flow because you're finally free and at home within yourself!
This Extraction will produce what I like to call your - UNIQUE ENERGETIC ESSENCE that only you possess!

It's now time to break free from the mould and escape from the chains that keep you tied down with somebody that you're not, or somebody that you don't want to Be anymore!

Mentoring via Messaging

Coffee Break

Who this is not for!


  • Feel fulfilled and satisfied within yourself and your daily lifestyle

  • Feel aligned with who you are and the direction you're moving towards!

  • Not willing to open up and see things differently

  • Not willing to leave your comfort zone

  • Not willing to think outside the box

  • Not willing to understand the basics of Human Design in order to integrate to experience subtle shifts

  • Do not enjoy self-paced learning containers

  • Not willing to change for transformation to occur!

I understand that Mentoring and receiving mentorship is very dependent on time and availability. 


Working around work, kids and family life, can get chaotic at times. 


I get it, I'm a Mum too, hence why I've derived a more simpler way to provide support and guidance, by using a VOICE MESSAGING method so messages can be sent and responded to in a timely manner that is convenient for both parties!  

This enables me to : -

  • Serve and support globally (time zones won't be an issue)

  • Allows me to truly personalise this to cater for your specific needs

  • For You as my client to not have to take time away and schedule in  Video calls at odd times of the day or night, just to receive your mentoring services

  • For you as my client to have time to contemplate over information then respond when you're ready!

  • You'll also have lifetime access to all the Audio content provide which will be uploaded and organised in a way that provides seemless access to the relevant audios that you wish to re-visit.  All convenintely located on a FREE Audio App so you can access everything in the one spot, without having to log in to a platform or scroll endless audio messages in a chat

If you feel called and this interests you, please fill in this short google form to ensure that this is the best programme for you and whether we are both a good fit  

Or Contact Me for more info, or  Click on button below to access the application form

COST - USD $1888.00 pay in full or option for 3 & 6 month payment plans  (Will go up to USD $2222.00 in early 2024!

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