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This playlist is personally recorded by myself, and guides you to experience positive internal shifts to live with more ease, flow and fulfilment daily. To support us to get out of our heads and back into our bodies, enabling us to feel grounded.

My own struggles with managing Stress and understanding how my own Energies work, and ideal ways to better leverage them in order to live a live with more ease and flow has led me to create my own recorded GUIDED MEDITATION PLAYLIST

Meditation has played a huge part in helping me heal and experience positive inner transformation and personal growth.  

I've understood how important it is to release the negative hold that I had on myself and you can too! 

Life isn't meant to be a constant struggle.



I'll show you how starting off with my own recorded GUIDED MEDITATION that varies from: -


  • Guiding you to slow down and bring you back to the present moment, and disengage from feeling stressed about something that happened in the past or worrying about what may happen in the future!

  • Elevate your feelings of Self worth and motivation

  • Elevate your feelings of Self compassion

  • Feel strong and confident

You can download this to your device and listen to it whenever you feel the need to by choosing the meditation appropriate for the situation.

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I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Amy's podcast and learning about the significance of our Energy Centers and how Stress and Anxiety manifest in our Human Design chart. I appreciated that she shared her own experiences, making the content relatable and engaging.  

Each episode is accompanied by PDF files that assist to grasp the concepts easier. I fully enjoyed the guided meditations which have a perfect balance of soothing voice and gentle background music that enhanced the meditative experience

~ Elena ~

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