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Experience positive Transformation feel Motivated again

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Includes a Free Guided Meditation with Music

Enjoy the convenience of listening to these Audios, available on a FREE Audio App, whilst on the go, from any smart device, as you go about your daily routine. No disruption to the flow of your day and experience positive subtle shifts.

Intro to 5 Part Audio Mini Series
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Audios mini-series that bring into your awareness aspects of you, that will bring back your sense of 'la joie de vivre', drive and motivation. This audio takes you through eye-opening aspects of you and shows you how to
re-connect with your authentic self in order to feel radiant, fulfilled and joyful within yourself! 

So you can transition to step into that Influential Role Model position that you're here to embody and be the example of somebody that embraces living in authenticity so others in your community are empowered to experience the same

In this Free audio mini-series  you will gain insights into re-connecting with your authentic self and lean more into your inner happiness,  what motivates and what brings fulfilment within you, so that you radiate health and vitality, rather than remain sucked in the mundane motions of life.

  • No more feeling meh or blah about yourself! 

  • No more dimming your light for others to shine instead of you!

  • No more obsessing about things that don't concern you!

  • No more emulating somebody else's life

  • No more creating a facade for show

Its's time to be heard and felt, but using the power of your unique Energetics and not piggy back on somebody else!


The transformation from these Audios, will bring out your inner happiness from deep within.  This series will show you that happiness is not something that you need to search or discover outside of you!

The ability to Self express yourself and to not feel judged or feel bad about being authentic and genuine, is the ideal way to be, as this is who you are at the core, as nature intended when living in the high expression. 


When you allow yourself to live in your naturalness, life flows so much more smoothly, because you're not allowing anything to restrict your energetic balance, thus resulting in attracting and magnetising positive opportunities, synchronicities and outcomes instead.


You are born with unique combination of traits, energetics and gifts.


Suppressing all this unique goodness, is keeping you locked within yourself.  Prohibiting you to operate in a way that isn't joyful, fulfilling or sustainable, and that isn't congruent with your values and your natural energetic rhythm and flow.  

You owe it for own sanity's sake, as well as the people around you!

Pushing against the natural flow ultimately leads to burnout, depression or a sense of a mediocre life!


This Audio is where you feel re-attuned to all that naturally brings fulfilment and Joy within yourself!


I'm a Transformational Mentor / Author who has mastered the Art of Slowing down and now embodies my Unique Authentic Self.  Personal growth and Transformation have allowed me to finally break free to naturally Self-express and experience a life with more Joy and Ease.  So I don't feel held back from showing up to love my passion or leveraging my natural gifts and talents!


My mentoring support & Resources for Women who have reached a stage in their life, where they may have experienced burn out, and/or are ready to transition into something greater than who they are and where they're at currently!  But feel held back to take on that Influential Role Model position!

However, what may occur is feeling stuck in the transition phase, that's when we feel may experience being held back to progress!

As a Transformational Mentor and Author, I support and provide resources for women in their late 30's and beyond, who have gained maturity experience and knowledge of living a responsible life with commitments pertaining to their career and / or motherhood. Yet, find themselves now caught up in the daily grind, routine and the busy-ness of family life and work, which leads to overwhelm. Thus resulting in losing touch with who they truly are.

The urge to relieve boredom and lack of drive sinks in, and they feel they need to change, either the direction of their life, or look into doing things that are more fulfilling.  But are unsure  or fear initiating change.


I have Mastered the Art of Slowing Down to Authentically Align and feel Self empowered to have full Self trust to self express with ease.  This in itself has truly transformed my whole life and how it plays out.  I now share how this is possible for you too!



This is not for you if: -


  • Do not like listening to audios

  • Not willing to open up and see things differently

  • Not willing to leave your comfort zone

  • Not willing to think outside the box

  • Not willing to understand the basics of Human Design in order to integrate and experience positive subtle shifts

  • Not willing to change in order for transformation to occur!

  • Feel fulfilled and satisfied within yourself and your daily lifestyle

  • Feel aligned with who you are and the direction you're moving towards!

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