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Bring Back your Spark

Lack drive and Motivation
in your everyday life? 


Before I learnt, experienced and leveraged the energies that make me feel healthy, happy and fulfilled, I used to believe that external factors from outside of me were the only ways for me to experience feelings of happiness, motivation and fulfilment again.

But the thing with these quick fixes, like e.g. buying a new gadget, buying new make up, or buying a new dress, they're all quick temporary fixes.

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The relief that is experienced, with being open to receive alternative and  insightful information about yourself and your child, gives meaning and permission into why certain situations continuously play out!  

Once you're consciously aware of  the pattern, it then makes it easier to look into alternative methods or solutions to better improve HARMONY WITHIN THE HOME

Fun Workout

Enjoy this self - discovery experience and can't wait to hear your revelation or ah-ha moments ! 

What really is the key to sustainable happiness and fulfilment is leveraging the powers of the key energies, found within you, that when you're living in the highest expression of these energy themes, feels so much more natural and authentic and lasts for so much longer.... and even when you feel unhappy or unfulfiled again, you instantly know what you need to do or be in order to move back into the energies that'll bring back that spark in you again!


This Audio Self-paced playlist will dive deep into finding out through your own Human Design and Gene Key charts .

Now I know you're thinking, I don't know anything about Human Design or the Gene Keys, can I still listen to this Audio playlist.


Amy's answer -->Don't worry, you don't need to have previous knowledge or experience, 


What is required is: -


  1. An open mind to see things differently, with a new perspective into other possibilities of understanding yourself at a deeper level

  2. The willingness and ability to access the internet, so you can click on url links and google resources that you'll need to to collate information that'll give you insights into the true essence of your natural authentic energies.

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