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nurture and connect with your kids better with

Human design

Discover how to create the right environment that promotes growth, development and well-being based on your Child's Individual Human Design make up

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What Human Design  enables us as Parents, is to better support our child by recognizing their natural inclinations and potential challenges.


With awareness, of these vital insights helps us create an environment that fosters their growth, development, and well-being.


By understanding and appreciating the uniqueness of our child, we strengthen our bond with them and support them in unleashing their full potential.

To grab a free 'Intro to your Child's Unique Design'

Download each of your child's individual charts using the FREE HUMAN DESIGN CHART Calculator below.


You will be able to view their Human Design Bodygraph + download their copy of: -

'Intro to your Child's Unique DesignFREE Basic Summary Report located at the top of the Bodygraph

This gives you insights into the basics of how they best operate and socialise within their environment.

You will also have an option to:

'Unlock your child's 9 Superpowers & basic Sleep habit Tips based on their Human Design'  


​The link to this will be found below the Body graph chart.

To run your child's FREE Bodygraph chart & access your Reports you need to enter your details as accurately as possible to ensure best outcome.  You can also run your own chart as well as any of your close family and friends.  There's no limit to how many charts you can create!

Have trouble finding your exact birth location?choose a nearby town or city in the same time zone.​


Not sure on your exact birth time?


OPTION 1: tracking down your birth certificate. this could be by calling a parent, the hospital you were born at, possibly a city registry, or anywhere else you may have had to submit your birth certificate.


OPTION 2: start with noon (12:00 PM). you can also pull several charts and try a range of times (e.g., 12:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 6:00 PM). then compare the charts and see if there is any difference.

DISCLAIMER- I am no parenting expert, I'm just a Mum sharing my own experience with my own child, volunteer as a Parent Helper at my son's school, together with observations on child behavioural patterns and the knowledge of Human Design, has provided me with this alternative perspective on where Parenting Struggles can be improved or somewhat relieved from everyday stress and struggles.

Motherly instincts are always the go method  for what you believe is right for your child. 


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