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Deepen your connection & better nurture your kids with

Human design

This audio playlist

PARENT & CHILD RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS' is the next step after obtaining the blueprint summary of:

'UNLOCKING YOUR CHILD'S 9 SUPER POWERS & BASIC SLEEP HABIT TIPS' to deepen your understanding of your child 

The Audio mini-series provides audio resources that I've put
together to get a simpler understanding of the dynamics of your child & yourself as a parent based on Energetics, Aura Type & Personality.

Experience better flow in Communication & reaction as a Parent to your Child 

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Don't know what your Child's Human Design Type is:

This AUDIO is for you if you're willing to look outside of the box... to see a different approach or try alternative way to provide a more supportive and nurturing environment, not just for your Child but also yourself as a Parent. 


If so , then you've landed on the right spot (-;

PARENTING is no easy task, and it doesn't come with a manual. We parent according to what we've experienced with our own parents as a child, as well as taking on advice from parents & professionals themselves combined with the overwhelming amount of content and information online!

But what may occur are still struggling, overwhelmed and confused parents, trying their best to better understand and communicate with their children, in order to experience more harmony in the home!

I'm a parent myself, so I've experienced first hand how this is a struggle, and for me, my child is not a difficult child at all, au contraire, he's a very cheeky and intelligient little soul, but being somebody who struggled with just the daily stresses of life, to then take on and be responsible for a Human being... just added on to my stress levels!


I've come to learn, through experience, but also through understanding the insights from the powerful teachings that Human Design provides is that understanding our child and our own energetics as a parent.


With practical knowledge into how to better communicate and how to respond or react to certain behaviours in order to create more balance and flow rather than create and amplify constant fighting and friction.


This Audio bundle will go through 4 of the Human Design archetypes as a parent and as a child.


From there you choose the audio that relates to your own and your child's unique archetype and listen to the insights that relate to each one.​


It'll all make more sense once you get a deeper understanding, recognise where the struggles lie and then look for alternative means or ways to deal with disruptive patterns or behaviours.​


If you're willing to research and uncover for yourself, the energetics of your child and yourself at a much deeper rather than just surface level! 

DO YOU HAVE A RARE 'REFLECTOR' CHILD or you yourself are a 'REFLECTOR' Parent? 

If so Pls read below: - 

You're reading this as you have one of the rarest Human Design Type, a beautiful REFLECTOR child, which is very rare and represents 1 % of the total world population, I've provided a pdf download that provides some outside resources that I've just obtained from google, that provide insights from people who actually know of a REFLECTOR child and have experience bringing up a REFLECTOR child.

As I don't know any Reflectors and have no direct experience, I've instead put together a little pdf download so that you can begin to research for yourself on how to best bring up and understand your rare little Reflector Child into this world allowing them to be the most authentic version of themselves whilst respecting their energies.

DISCLAIMER- I am no parenting expert, I'm just a Mum sharing my own experience with my own child, volunteer as a Parent Helper at my son's school, together with observations on child behavioural patterns and the knowledge of Human Design, has provided me with this alternative perspective on where Parenting Struggles can be improved or somewhat relieved from everyday stress and struggles.

Motherly instincts are always the go method  for what you believe is right for your child. 


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