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This Audiobook personally narrated by myself, goes through how struggles influence & impact our daily life and how realization and basic re-programming of our perception & patterns will bring in more balance & flow to live in more alignment into ourselves and everyday life.

Living out of alignment with your own energies & true self, are where continuous struggles, frustration & lack of joy are experienced.

When you purchase my Audiobook, you will be able to access it from a free App (one time download) that allows you to listen to audio on the go, from your smart device, without worrying about where to store it on your phone....

Simple to understand content, Journal prompts and contemplative questions help you to become aware of being out of alignment.


Together with positive Affirmations that will help to re-programme healthy and positive patterns that’ll bring you back into alignment so you can have the confidence to fully express living in a version of yourself that feels naturally happy, authentic, fulfilled, present and free.

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