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My Self-Published


is a book that will guide you onto a personal path to experience less fear and more authenticity in your life!

Check out the book below.  Currently available on

AMAZON (AUS, UK, Canada  US)

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Amy Yee Chong is a Visionary Guide and Author, driven by her desire & personal experience to help people understand themselves at a deeper and more authentic level, in order to have more Self love, and self trust in themselves and their abilities.

Elevate your Energetic Essence is the first step towards a life-changing personal journey to de-condition and strip away what show up as inhibitions that prevent us from being authentic and simple re-framing to break away from negative self trust to embrace the idea of what else is possible, when willing to tap into personal gifts, talents and true desires.

We tend to get caught up in the chaos of our everyday busy lives and forsake the pure joy of simply being present with ourselves.

You no longer desire to continue feeling like a lost soul stuck at a crossroads.

You want to finally know what direction you're heading or at least what next step to take.


This is when we miss out on just BEING and get caught up in the DOING of things that don't align with our true self.

It all starts with working on being the most natural authentic version of you, before you can truly step into your highest expression and feel fulfilled in your everyday life with confidence and ease.

To bring alignment back to who you truly are starts first with understanding the power of your potential and become more self aware of your unique personality and energies and how to best leverage your energies in your everyday life.

In this book, you'll recognise where you may be experiencing conditioning and negative patterns that are based on the most common struggles that we humans tend to experience.

About the Book

Enjoy a great reading experience as well as a personal uplifting and transformational journey when you buy this book.


Also available as an Audiobook personally narrated by Amy The Author

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